About Our Furniture

At Comanche Casual, our furniture is an attempt to embody hard work, honesty, ingenuity and craftsmanship.

We are obsessed with quality, comfort, and design, which means we routinely refine and improve our furniture. It's not just the lumber quality and excellent workmanship that make us far superior to all our competitors – it's in the details like concealed hardware and sanded edges that make a real difference.

Every piece of our furniture is handmade from premium-grade, American grown, Wolmanized, Southern Yellow Pine. Each piece is assembled with hot dipped zinc fasteners, which are more rust resistant than galvanized and stronger than stainless steel. Our sealer uses high solids, industrial quality, penetrating, oil based stain containing a nano particle UV inhibitor, a field and time proven mildewcide and the best quality trans-oxide pigments. It has been specifically developed for durability and ease of maintenance on our furniture.